Inauguration of a new Administration.

This post below showed up in my Face Book memory feed from 2017. In the last four years, the country’s divide seems more dangerous than the Hayward fault in San Francisco. Families are not speaking because of different beliefs. LET THAT SINK IN A MINUTE. Families. Blood Relatives. Now take a breath and think with your heart. We’re going through a pandemic. A FREAKING PANDEMIC! A deadly pandemic! Did anyone expect this to happen? People DIED! Corona is picking people off one by one. Families are suffering tragic losses. People lost jobs, homes, businesses. Violence and hatred is not the answer. I can only speak for myself, and this is how I tolerate the negativity, I ignore it. I love my friends, I respect that they have strong opinions. But I don’t engage, even if our beliefs are similar. I will not ever discuss my political beliefs. I typically ignore the question. If the person is persistent I merely say, I don’t discuss things of a personal nature. But that’s me, my choice, because I have freedom of speech. Because I’m an American. Give peace a chance. It’s easy to hide behind the written word. I won’t hide; I wear my big girl panties every day.

This is the post for 2017:

Today a new administration is sworn in. I am fearful on so many levels. People who claim to be against bullying are now bullies. People who claim not to be haters are now hating. Name calling like children, snowflakes, deplorables? I am convinced deep down people truly care about their country and we will over come this horrible division. At least I hope they do and will try. All of you of voting age, how many times were you disappointed at an election result, local or national? We all were at some point, but we survived. WE THE PEOPLE of this amazing country have survived and will survive. The name calling, bullying, hatred and crowd mentality needs to stop. We sound like a country of bratty kids. Embarrassing. Please try to be peaceful, hopeful, prayerful. This is just my opinion. I know where you all stand on your political choice, this post isn’t to dispute that. Peace!

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