Wake up call

I wake and the clock reads three in the morning, my skin tingles, memories of you heighten my senses. I crave you, need you, my body screams for you. My lips long to touch you, to taste your bold heat. My heart is racing as I try to justify my inner turmoil. Should I? Do I dare? You’re so close, yet so far away. I turn toward you, reasoning with myself. The late hour, so sleepy but yet…my body is awake, my senses acute, the internal battle rages within. Yes, it’s you I need, only you! Slowly, I slide the blankets lower and snake my legs from beneath. I tiptoe toward you, I need you like most need air. The desire burns deep in my gut. I take a deep satisfying breath, smell the essence of you. I lick my lips knowing soon they will touch you. The heat is building, the gentle noises you make while coming to life entice me. There is nothing like you, no one I’d rather be with in this moment, just you in quiet hours of the morning, when silence and darkness engulf us. I’m ready for your boldness and reach for it, your heat so close to my lips now, I plunge toward you and the first taste of you is exquisite, delightful and satisfying. I want to savor you, but you’re too much for me, my need is too great. I call out your name in heat of passion. I’m closer now, reaching euphoria, with just with my lips touching you! Oh…oh…coffee! You complete me. Lucia Catherine 11-14-19

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