Wanderlust Reviews:

I loved this story. Just when you think you know what is coming next there is another turn. I was completely drawn into the story and could not put it down. Chase and Erica began real during the story and you can not help but cheer for them. Great story line, characters that keep you reading till the end.


Wanderlust had me feeling all of the emotions. I cried real tears more than once! Insecurities and miscommunications battle love and passion as Chase and Erica maneuver their relationship. They are immediately attracted to each other when they meet. Both have very clear ideas where life is taking them. All of those ideas are thrown out the window by circumstances beyond their control.
I rooted for this couple through the whole book! I couldn’t put it down!


This is the fourth book I read by this author and I must say her books are amazing.Chase and Erica meet and but neither wants to have a serious relationship so they decide to become friends with benefits and are really enjoying themselves but when a tragic accident happens their lives will be forever changed.