My new Book!

I’m excited, scared and excited. Did I mention excited? After 120 months, my book baby is here! This is the link, if you want to read it:

Forgotten Identity (Haunted Hearts Book 1) – Kindle edition by Catherine, Lucia. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Writing, I’ve been doing it a long time, found a folder in my mom’s things of poetry and song lyrics that I’s written. I’m so thankful she saved it all.

Thank you to so many friends who have supported me along the way. Now I need to educate myself on Marketing my book. And after being in the field for twenty two years, I should know. I’m sure I can apply some of my learned skills to my campaign.

2 thoughts on “My new Book!”

  1. Hi Lucia!!! Miss u lots!! 🌞.. I, too enjoy writing the saucy for the paralell universe audience. They love it. A tarot card reader in Salem Mass. years ago told me, and then wham💥. Good luck in all u create. Winning😉😉


  2. Just finished the book and it left me wanting more! I am not a “reader” but I really enjoyed this book and it’s the first book I actually finished in many years.

    Loved the story, wonderfully written, great job!

    Thank you!


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